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Reduce your environmental impact and manage the environmental and social sustainability of your supply chain quickly and easily.

Reduce your environmental impact and manage the environmental and social sustainability of your supply chain quickly and easily.

The solution 4s Platform

4s Platform is the first digital platform developed to help fashion & luxury companies to monitor the impact of the production chain and improve both environmental and social sustainability performance.

By measuring, verifying and communicating data along the supply chain, you can enhance your commitment and win the trust of your customers in compliance with the regulations of your country.

Get the 4sustainability® mark

Get the 4sustai-nability® mark

4sustainability is an innovative implementation framework and a registered trademark that measures the sustainability performance of the fashion and luxury supply chain.

With 4s Platform you start your path of sustainable transformation and become a 4sustainability® company.

The framework is already adopted by over 160 companies including brands and suppliers in the textile and fashion industry.

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The framework supported by 4s Platform is divided into 6 pillars developed consistently with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the priority initiatives of the Global Fashion Agenda.

Conversion to the use of lower impact materials for sustainable production.

Elimination of toxic and harmful chemicals from production cycles.

Process traceability and supply chain monitoring.

Growth of organizational well-being.

Conscious use of resources to reduce environmental impact.

Development of reuse, recycling and sustainable design practices.

Challenges of impact measurement in the fashion industry

Not harmonized framework

Countless international standards, methods and measurements are involving high costs and efforts for stakeholders.

Low scalability

High complexity, lack of knowledge and long distances make supply chain impact assessment extremely time consuming.

New demanding laws

New regulatory systems like the Due Diligence Law and the EPR Law are requiring a radical shift in impact measurement.

Fragmented supply chain

High complexity is emerging in engaging and continuously monitoring the supply chain performance.

Benefits for your organization

Benefits for your organ-ization

with 4s Platform

Impact calculations that are based on real and validated data

Visualize the supply chain
progress in terms of sustainability in real time 

become a 4sustainability® company

Gain full supply chain visibility and data input from all levels, especially traditionally hard to reach upstream suppliers

Access your sustainability dashboard and garther the relevant data you need, when you need it

Comply with regulations

4s Platform was born from the contamination of the product and process skills of ID Factory and Process Factory.

The synergy between the two companies – one specialized in tracing the fashion & luxury supply chain, the other creator of the 4sustainability framework and registered trademark for the transformation of business models from a sustainable perspective – rests on a common vision:

to promote collaboration between brand and supply chain to improve the sustainability performance of the fashion system.


Process Factory

Process Factory is a solution provider specialized in supporting the transformation of business models towards sustainability with a focus on processes, people and tools for continuous improvement.


The ID Factory

ID Factory is a supply chain traceability service provider that enables fashion companies to gain end-to-end visibility into their value chains and to make timely and data driven decisions so that they are more effective for their business and that have a positive impact on the planet.

accurate. fast. accessible.

accurate. fast. accessi-ble.

in three simple steps.



fill out the form to request free registration to 4s Platform



receive the credentials to log in to the 4s Platform via e-mail



log in to 4s Platform and follow the guided steps to make your first
FREE assessment

Begin to make reporting environmental and
social sustainability of your supply chain up to 6x faster.

Begin to make reporting environmental and social sustainability of your supply chain up to 6x faster.

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